Why should I share my video on real-time?

The What U See concept is built upon the say "The more you give the more you get". The more you share your own camera - the higher your rank will get, thus the wider access you will have to more What U See users.

The What U See community is built from 6 ranks:
- Noob
- Watcher
- Observer
- Scouter
- Voyager
- Explorer

Everyone starts as a Noob. As a Noob, only users that share your rank are available to you - but not for long! As you participate in the community and share you own camera, your score starts to increase and your rank gets promoted! As you go up in ranks, more users that you outrank are available to you which means access to many more valued users - both in quantity and quality!

Once you are an Explorer - you get access to EVERYONE in the What U See Community!

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