How do I ask for a real-time video stream?

1. Use the built-in map to search for your desired location. Make sure that you choose a location with active What U See users, represented by the little What U See icon.

2. Click the "connect" button on your bottom right to ping What U See users in the radius you have chosen

3. Wait for an incoming real-time video stream

4. Once a connection is established, a real-time video is streamed to you, directly from the mobile phone camera of a user from the location you have chosen!

5. As long as the video stream is active, you can politely guide the user to turn the camera right or left, up or down by tapping the on-screen arrows towards your desired direction. You can also send real-time feedback using Emoji or text.

6. Once the video stream ends, you can show your appreciation to the user that gave you access to his camera by rating the quality of your experience.

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